Oral presentations are to be given at the venue of the event. Effective and strategic use of slide show is recommended. Consider following practices while making presentation:

  1. Minimum text on each slide with the most basic information
  2. Avoiding direct reading from the slides
  3. Engaging eye-contact with the audience
  4. Using large and easy to read fonts
  5. Using images, graphs, charts, and other graphics for visual impact
  6. Avoiding distracting slide designs and animations

Presentation preparation checklist:

  1. Ensure submission of the final copy of presentation to the organizers in advance.
  2. Reach the venue at-least 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation.
  3. Carry a copy of your presentation on a USB device.
  4. Ensure the compatibility of your presentation with the windows operating system.
  5. Keep the organizers informed in advance if any specific technical set-up is required.
  6. Label the presentation on your device with your name, presentation day, and time.

Technical assistance

The presenters will be provided with a computer, a projector/screen and technical assistance on site.